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You are very welcome to contact or visit us. Below you find our opening hours, phone numbers, how to get here and links to popular archives online.

Opening hours

Stadsarkivet Kungsklippan

  • Monday–Wednesday 11.00–18.00
  • Thursday 12.00–19.00
  • Friday 11.00–15.00

Stadsarkivet Liljeholmskajen

  • Monday CLOSED
  • Tuesday–Wednesday 11.00–16.00
  • Thursday 12.00–19.00
  • Friday 11.00–15.00

Records online

Population register / Mantalslängder

The Roteman Archives / Rotemansarkivet

Records on children admitted to public orphanages / Allmänna barnhuset

Stockholm City Planning Committee Archives – Memory of the World / Äldre byggnadsritningar

All / A-Ö

Contact us

Telephone +46 (0)8 508 28 300



Copied documents on paper or digitally
copy: 4 SEK per copy
excerpts: 125 SEK

For other requests, we apply working hours: 225 SEK per commenced 15 minutes. If your inquiry takes more than an hour to respond, we will always contact you.

All rates are inclusive of VAT.

Where to find us - Stadsarkivet Kungsklippan


Where to find us - Stadsarkivet Liljeholmskajen